Reiki Level One Course

Reiki Level One Course

22 Apr 10:00 - 17:00 - Colombo
Prana Lounge Colombo


Through the Japanese art of Reiki and its spiritual practices which includes meditations, we transform our essence and gradually come to dwell in a place of oneness and non-duality where healing can ultimately occur. Discover how to allow the flow of high-vibrational healing energies to heal yourself, your family and pets. The training offers you a wonderful unique inspirational and enlightening journey.

You will receive:
Increased synchronicity and spiritual awareness in your life
Activation to receive the Reiki energy so that you can use it to calm yourself, heal yourself physically and emotionally
Raise of own vibration which will benefit you in multiple ways
Feeling grounded and present

More control of your life and destiny
Reduce stress, re-energize, and balance your whole YOU
A certification and a comprehensive handout

As a certified REIKI MASTER / TEACHER with 22 years experience, Uta was trained in Reiki in 1992 received from a direct lineage that goes back to Mikao Usui, thus ensuring the quality of energy transfer. Uta teaches Reiki as a lifestyle, a meditative technique, and a therapeutic healing system to be used in modern life. She certifies students in all levels of Reiki from beginners to the advanced Reiki practitioners. She has trained people from all professions, belief systems, and spiritual experience.


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